i'm jasmin

let me introduce myself...

Ocean lover, dog mumma, wanna be mermaid, hairdresser, bridal specialist & passionate creative with a coffee addiction.

When I'm not getting creative with hair, you can find me soaking in the sun by the beach, hiking through the hinterlands or  spending time with my fur babies. Nature is home to me, it's grounding & my main inspiration for all that I create. 

Becoming a hairdresser was my dream for as long as I can imagine. I began my career from the age of 16, which after 10 years in the industry, I've had the most incredible journey., met amazing people & seen so many beautiful places.

I constantly seek out education to continue upskilling, learning & developing as with any creative industry... it is always changing & I strive to keep up so that I can offer my clients the very best.

Being apart of my beautiful brides morning, helping them along their journey, bringing their vision to life & creating magic with their hair is such a gift that I love whole heartedly. Hair holds so much more meaning than just an accessory, it can be a canvas for embracing change in life. When we go through a major moment in life, we usually change our hair to suit, to feel new, to gain confidence or to even shed an old identity.

I feel so blessed to be able to empower women & highlight their own unique beauty, while supporting them through the many stages of life. 

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