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Something that has been coming up in discussion a lot lately for me which I thought I would bring some attention too is how your hair colour can work for you, when it comes to achieving your style goals.

Colour can enhance shine & softness, create texture & dimension, highlight features & make your chosen style look a whole lot more interesting.

Keep these tips in mind while scrolling through Insta & Pintrest for those inspo pics! See what styles you’re drawn to & if it is the actual style itself or if it’s the way that style looks with that colour.

There are a few baseline rules when it come to this:

  • Darker hair will enhance the shine & silky/sleek looks.
  • Blondes & lighter colours will show more texture & dimension.
  • Balayage & highlighted hair will have more depth with the dimension & make things like braids really pop.

Keeping these factors in mind when choosing the styles you like or the vibe you’re trying to achieve will really help you with putting a plan into action to get your hair in the right direction to making your style look the best it can be.

Beautiful Brunettes

If you’re wanting a smooth, slick, shiny style… then darker hair will really show off that shine & silky look. Dark silky hair, if it’s virgin, fine or really soft tends to drop curls a lot quicker too. (Hair types & textures will be a whole post in itself) For my dark hair girlies… if for example you are wanting a textured bun but your hair is all one colour dark, the texture will be hidden in the colour. It still looks beautiful & if that is your goal, amazing! But if you would like the texture, braid or twists in the bun to pop, adding some fine babylights (super fine foils) throughout your hair, dropped away from the root to create a really soft subtle balayage look will amplify the texture & create dimension all without putting you on the path of a high maintenance colour. Foils like this will grow out very soft too so you won’t need to stress about the regrowth.

For my Blondies

For my blondies, having some alternation in tone can make those glam, soft, beachy waves really pop! Generally speaking, hair that has undergone a lightening process (chemically changing the internal structure of the hair) will have a better hold factor too! Adding some face framing foils will drastically enhance the hair left around the face & can accentuate your facial structure if done right.

Take into consideration, how willing you are to sit in the salon regularly for maintenance. Blonde is a commitment but there are ways to keep if soft. Having fine foils that allow a slight amount of natural to come through will have a softer regrowth & won’t leave you with nasty foil/regrowth lines in your style which is super important for my blondies that are wanting a smooth, sleek style. Blonde hair shows a lot more detail so those boho braids, soft twists, even the slightest texture is on display. If that’s your vibe, use it to your advantage!

If you are wanting to be or currently working towards blonde for your special day, I just ask that you please be careful. Do your research & find a stylist you trust that priorities the integrity & condition of your hair over achieving your result fast! What’s the point of being blonde on your wedding day if your hair is all snapped off?! There’s only so much that extensions & product can do to hide that damage. Slow & steady when it comes to this process will always be best! Use salon quality products, get treatments, Olaplex, K18 and trust the process & reduce your heat styling!

Balayage Lovers

Balayage lovers… You may have the best of both worlds depending on the saturation level of colour in your balayage or what you’re wanting to achieve/where you are. If you have dark hair with a subtle balayage, you will have the texture & the shine (given your hair is in good condtion).

If you have a more dramatic contrast in your hair with dark roots & very light ends, you will achieve a lot more depth, contrast & dimension in your chosen styles. Take into consideration though, how far down your balayage is… For example, you want a pony but the top of your head is all dark & your pony is all light. To make this flow together better, focus on creating blend between the two so the colours melt seamlessly, as opposed to feeling like you stuck a different coloured pony to the back of your head. Same applies for buns too!

As a low maintenance gal myself, I will always love balayage for its ability to be personalized & created to suit the individuals preferences, low maintenance so it looks good months later & the way it presents in almost every style. My “be careful when going through the lightening process” applies here too.

Extra Tips

Try & find inspo pics to suit your current hair colour or where you will want to be. This helps to create a more realist idea as appose to bringing in an inspo pic of a blonde textured bun with a pulled out braid but you have dark hair & the braid has blended in without any colour to make it stand out.

If you are wanting to drastically change your colour for the big day, start straight away! Blondes take time, especially healthy blondes. Going darker can also take a few applications to really make the colour stick if you were really light to begin with, it needs to build up to avoid uneven tones.

If you are wanting to book in for a refresh before your wedding day, 2 weeks before is a safe choice. This gives time for toners to settle in, for fix ups if need be, time for dark colours to fade from the skin if you’re the type of person that stains easily around the hairline. Give yourself time & reduce the stress & list of things to do the week before!

Please reach out if this was helpful or you have any questions, I’m always happy to help!

With Love,
Jasmin x

low textured bridal hair bun, dark hair with highlights

How colour can impact your Bridal Hair choice

July 19, 2023

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