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One of the most frequently asked questions I get from upcoming Brides is regarding Hair Extensions.
There are SO many options it can get easily overwhelming, so I’ve done up a little summary to make it easier for you to navigate your best option!

Why would I need Extensions?

Extensions can be used for adding thickness & volume to fine hair, to gain extra length & thickness on the ends where even long hair can begin to look sparse, to add pockets of colour & to enhance the hold factor of your hair. The process the hair goes through to become extensions is quite intense so when it’s done, it means the hair reacts quite differently to what natural hair can. Also ensure your extensions are 100% human hair as other options do not style well or react the same under heat. Extensions will hold those waves for days which can be a game changer for someone wanting a glam wave on their wedding day but their hair tends to drop. The extensions will sandwich your hair between and create a far better result with longevity in comparison to just working with your hair alone. It is only few brides that have the hair thickness, length & hold factor to have glam waves without extensions so keeping that in mind… majority of your inspo pics will have them hidden in there! Imagine, bigger & fuller ponytails, larger buns, beautiful waves, fatter braids, the options are endless. They are less reactive to wet weather, less frizz than some natural hair & good quality ones can make your hair look very healthy & shiny (if it is lacking that naturally).

But Do I have to have them?

Absolutely NOT… as long as you have the understanding that unless you naturally have the correct thickness & length or your inspo pics, your end result will look quite different without them. There are still so many styles that can be done & everyone’s hair is very different, extensions are not everyone cup of tea & I do plenty of Brides that want to work with what they naturally have. My tips here are to choose inspo pics that have a similar base to where you are naturally. Look at glam waves that are maybe not as full & thick if you don’t want to add extensions, pony tails for your hair length instead of long ones if your hair isn’t the same length… you get the gist. Collecting more realistic inspo pics for your natural hair will set you up for a result you are happier with! In saying that, there are still plenty of tips & tricks to make your hair look fuller & bigger especially in upstyles so we can chat through those options too if you are tossing up between getting them but unsure as to whether we could recreate your style by using a padding base or some of the other tricks of the trade!

What type of Extensions should I get?

This can be the overwhelming part! Clip in’s, weft, invisi weft, tape, micro beads, bonds, halo’s & the options continue to grow as the industry develops but I’m going to keep it easy for you.
The main one I recommend with wedding styling is Clip In’s! They are very versatile, You don’t need to maintain or upkeep them constantly, they get put in on the day during styling & you can take them out before you go to bed or sleep in them & deal with in the next morning. For majority of people, this is the easiest option for wedding hair.
As a Bridal Stylist, Clip In’s allow me to put the placement where it will best suit for your chosen style, taking into consideration your parting, positioning & style elements so I can ensure they are well hidden & incorporated with the style.
If you are after something more permanent so they stay in during the honeymoon, ect then you can begin to look at the other options. Invisi weft is the permanent extension that I would recommend. It is flat & more discreate compared to machine weft & you generally will only need 1- 3 rows, depending if you’re getting them for length or thickness. They get moved back up every 6 weeks (roughly) & require you to take care when looking after your hair, washing & blow drying with extension safe products & incorporating a routine around maintenance is important to keep the hair in good condition. Invisi weft is easier to hide with upstyles (unless you’re wanting a sleek pony) compared to tape & beads which can be seen closer to the hairline points. Weft is generally more secure (In My Opinion) as it has a bigger foundation where as if 1 of the tapes/beads fall out or come loose, your hair can have patches or begin to look uneven.

How do I get the right colour for my hair?

Firstly, if you are currently undergoing a colour change to reach a certain goal for the wedding day… wait until you are at your goal colour before getting extensions matched. Extensions can be toned down & darkened but they cannot be lightened so to save you money, wait until you are the level of lightness you wish to be before getting them to ensure a perfect match.
You order your extensions with your hair dresser (if you currently have one & they recommend/stock a certain brand) or you can jump onto Zala Hair & they have a FREE colour match process where you can send through photos of your colour & they will recommend you the shade that will match. (They nail this on the regular too!) I’m pretty sure you can even get a discount doing it this way as well. If you are unsure or have a unique colour that doesn’t fit then go with the lighter option & your colourist can adjust to suit.
Zala is AUS based so it has a quick turn around from delivery so you won’t have to wait ages to them them either. I do however like to reiterate to ONLY get the 100% HUMAN HAIR, NOT the Keratin ones as they are partially synthetic & although on the website it says can be heat styled on low heat, I’ve found that they don’t react the same so even though they’re a little cheaper, it’s work spending that bit more to get ones that will style the best!

How do I prep them for the day?

Once they match your colour perfectly, you can ask your hairdresser to cut them to length if they need it or if the difference isn’t huge, I include this in my Bridal Hair Styling on the day to ensure they look completely blended & hidden once they are put in to the positions that suit the style. I will shape the front, cut to length & ship in to the bottom of them so it looks more natural. Ensure they are brushed through if they have been taken out of the box.

5 Piece Set or 9 Piece set?

If you are having an upstyle or you are using them for more thickness then a 5 piece clip in set will be perfect. If you have shorter hair & are using them to add length & thickness then a 9 piece set will be more of your options as it offers more hair to allow better blending between your hair & the extensions… nothing cute about them being obvious!

How do I look after them afterwards?

After your wedding day, you’ll probably find that once you’ve taken your clip in’s out, you can feel the products through the hair. To care for them so they are in great condition & can be used for future events, give them a good shampoo (with extension safe products) & condition the mids to ends to make them soft & silky. Use heat protectant & blow dry them until they are absolutely & completely dry. Let them sit to air out & double check that they are dry before putting them in a plait or tying them together to avoid knots & placing them back in their box. If they are even the slightest big damp & you put them back in their box, it can cause them to smell so it’s best to leave them out for a little bit to be sure.

I hope that this little info dump on extensions will help you with your decisions & guide you to the best choice for your wedding day! Always talk your hairdresser & hairstylist & if you are one of my Brides to be… I will walk you through this as well!

With all my love,
Jasmin x

Considering Extensions for your Wedding Hair?

May 31, 2024

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